Taking Care of Your Mental Health in A Pandemic

Because even with a vaccine in sight, your wellness depends on it.

@cottonbro via Pexels.

“Perhaps more pertinently, older adults had already built their lives before the pandemic — with routines, structures, careers and relationships to fall back on. The young had not, and were just embarking on that adventure when Covid-19 struck.”

— Andreas Kluth

Even in the best of times, young adults aren’t exactly considered pillars of emotional stability, which is why learning to take care of your mind during these perduring times is as equally important as taking care of your body.

1. Preparation is key.

Remember dodgeball in grade school? Specifically, when you’d lose your focus for a quick second and end up getting wickedly whipped in the face by a rubber ball?

2. Routines are the gateway to mindfulness.

Keeping things as consistent as possible helps you focus on what you can actually control, like your schedule and your stress. Routines set the tone for your day and help you navigate uncertainty, giving you a solid foundation to fall back on when your thoughts are all over the place.

3. Connect.

People naturally seek connection and comfort from others, which explains why losing the privilege of social presence made it even harder for us to cope with our thoughts.

4. Consult a professional.

No one is better equipped to give you the guidance you need than a licensed professional. Type up a quick Google search in order to find qualified psychologists or counselors in your area that would be a perfect fit for your needs, and don’t hesitate to do so when things just don’t feel right.

In conclusion

It is only logical to brace ourselves — the end is not necessarily near. Our future remains entirely uncertain, even with a vaccine in sight.

Calm-conscious minimalist seeking balance through a simple & mindful life. I write about all things wellness for lifestyle brands + creatives. hello@mathilde.ca

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